Lyric Video For The New Song From Diviner

Here is the lyric video for the song “The Earth, The Moon, The Sun” from the Greek metal band Diviner…which we have recently added to The Implosion playlist:

Thirteen Minutes ( XIII Minutes) New Album Dropping Today

The new XIII Minutes album “Obsessed” drops today on Rottweiler Records.  The Implosion plays several songs from this band, including the current hit single “Who Told You”.

Facedown Fest Lineup Announced, Packed With Implosion Bands

Sleeping Giant.  Impending Doom.  For All Eternity.  War Of Ages.   Overcome.  Those Who Fear.   Your Memorial.

All of those bands will be helping Facedown Records celebrate 20 years at Facedown Fest on May 11th, 12th, and 13th, and that is less than 1/3 of the lineup.

Most of these bands play here on The Implosion, and a few of them play on our brother station, http://TheBlast.FM




Phinehas Drummer Lee Humerian Departs The Band For Europe

Lee Humerian’s reign as drummer of Phinehas has lasted from 2008 until the early days of 2017.   Those days come to an end after Saturday night’s concert in Fullerton, California.   Lee and his wife Katie are called to the eastern European country of Ukraine to work in youth missions.   The kids over there will enjoy seeing his hair flying and learn about drumming.  Music is involved in this mission.  You can read about it more here:   Humerian will track the drums on the next Phinehas record.   Lee, you will be missed by The Blast and The Implosion!

Demon Hunter Releases New Song

Demon Hunter has released their newest single “Cold Winter Sun” from their upcoming Outlive album that is due to be release March 2017.  Take a listen right here!